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“In 2008 when I started in Network Marketing I had no idea I would end up here. I just wanted to give my mother a smile!” 

Stormy Wellington

Meet Stormy Wellington


A genuine product from Miami, Florida.
Stormy has literally traveled the world helping thousands resonate inner peace and wealth.

Born to a mother who wanted to abort her, Stormy didn’t have the best of beginnings. Raised mostly by her brothers, family and  friends while her mother took care of her business in the streets, it didn’t seem like Stormy had any kind of path to success. And for a while, Stormy found herself caught up in the life of hustling and drug dealing, scheming and stripping. But even in the midst of that life, Stormy had a dream. Inside she knew she would rise above it all. She was determined never to be a product of that environment.

Stormy Wellington is definitely a mark of distinction and extraordinaire of her time. Coming from humble beginnings, Wellington started her journey at a young age; in and out of foster homes, strip clubs and boosting. Stormy’s upbringing  taught her strength, resilience and fight.  In 2008,Wellington decided that failure was not an option. She decided to uproot her family and relocate to Atlanta, GA with only a $135.00 worth of loose change. Wellington realized starting over wouldn’t be easy. She ended up accepting a job that only paid $13 an hour and that is when the real struggle really began.

While working in the collections department, she managed to collect over $1 million dollars in closed accounts. Because of her accomplishments,the company offered her a raise. The day she realized her raise was only 25 cents was the day her life changed. Stormy found a calling in network marketing. One year later, Wellington managed to grow a team of over 130,000 distributors earning her over $1 million dollars in income. Her resilience, strength and fight quickly showed her that anybody can win.

stormy_group_instas_visionThis high school drop out with only a G.E.D. quickly went from $13 an hour to earning over $1.2 million in one year. In the past few years, Wellington has dealt with many ups and downs and peeks and valleys, which she writes about in several of her books. This Miami native, mother of three daughters and businesswoman often reflects on the day she prayed and promised God that if he helped her she would help his people.

She now travels the world transforming minds, bodies, an bank accounts with her new movement: to help 1,000 families make six figures in 2015. She says daily, “Not will I do it, but who will those families be?” You can find Wellington traveling the country, speaking to the world and waking them up in the morning with her Wake Up and Win Call, where she speaks on faith, inspiration and perseverance every Monday – Friday. Wellington lives by her abiding faith in God and Belief in herself.




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The Number One Network Marketer in the WORLD is excited to work with a few choice people that want to take their business to another level. Choice people who are willing to do what has yet to be done in an effort to achieve what has yet to be won! We will help 1000 People Earn SIX Figures in 2015 and the only question is ARE YOU ONE?

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